Oak Hill High/Collins High School Alumni Association

Oak Hill, West Virginia

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The mission of the OHH/CHS Alumni Association is as follows:

To promote, organize, manage, support and fund alumni functions and meetings for Alumni of Oak Hill High/Collins High School and to promote and support Oak Hill High School, located at Oak Hill, Fayette County, West Virginia, and its various programs and activities.

To promote and encourage the pursuit of college or graduate school education in any field of study by Graduates of Oak Hill High School and to assist them financially and otherwise should there be need thereof, and to collect and to solicit funds for such purposes.

To support or establish facilities, programs and activities for the benefit and enjoyment of Oak Hill High School students and alumni.

To make financial contributions to provide other support to any group or organization which has its purpose or one of its purposes the improvement of Oak Hill High School.

Recent News

1/30/2023      OHHS/CHS Graduate Deaths

As the decades fly by, we find that more and more of our alumni are passing away, and as a service, we like to maintain a list that you can check on periodically. If you are aware of the death of an alumnus/alumna, please email to ohhsalumni@yahoo.com so we can read more »

7/7/2022      Annual Newsletter 2022 Available in Downloads

The annual newsletter can be accessed by clicking "Downloads" and scrolling down the page until you come to the four pages of the 2022 newsletter. The articles are in alphabetical order or they would be at the top. read more »

4/24/2022      Get Scholarship Application from Article Below with Dollar Sign.

The deadline for applying either as a first-time applicant or one who is renewing, is Tuesday, April 26, at 6 p.m. If you haven't already done so, you'd better get busy. These scholarships are for undergraduate study only. If you have already applied, thanks! Directions for submission are on the read more »

4/16/2022      Articles Needed for Newsletter

If your class is having a reunion this summer, if you have lost a loved one who attended OHHS or CHS, or if there are activities you'd like alums across the country know about, send a note to Sherry Keffer, sherrykeffer@gmail.com, no later than May 10. read more »

3/30/2022      Apply Now for 2022-23 Scholarship; Deadline is April 26, 2022

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE TO GET THE LINK TO THE 2022-2023 APPLICATION How lucky for you that you are or have been a student at Oak Hill High School! Your alumni association, through the generosity of many graduates, has been able to provide scholarships for hundreds of students. Scholarships this read more »

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